Thursday, 30 June 2016

30th June

A quiet time in the nets; just catching recently fledged local birds although my second Stock Dove for the garden was a minor highlight.

Stock Dove




Blue Tit

Great Tit

Sunday, 26 June 2016

26th June

Walked along the River Severn from Buildwas to Leighton where it was all about the breeding birds including Redstarts – at least five broods of fledglings, Goosanders – broods of 11 and 16 ¾ grown chicks, Little Ringed Plovers – nothing seen but two pairs alarming, Oystercatcher – a pair with a single fledged chick, Raven – a brood of 5 fully grown fledglings, Kingfisher – still active around a nest-hole and Sand Martins – hundreds of birds still busy around the colonies.   There were also plenty of fledgling Reed Buntings, Whitethroats and Pied Wagtails dotted around.


Fledgling Reed Bunting

Male and female Banded Demoiselle

Juvenile Oystercatcher with two adults

Dipper on the River Teme the day before

Thursday, 23 June 2016

LATVIA - phone pics

Just a few more random pictures from Latvia taken on my phone.

Beast of a Goshawk chick!

Look at those feet!

Goshawk nest

Half grown Hazel Grouse chick that was grabbed shortly after it nearly hit me in the head!

Lots of recent Beaver action!

Branch scratched by Moose

Heath Fritillary

Active Roller nest box; the entrance hole is so small to discourage Jackdaws and Stock Doves in using the box before the Rollers arrive and the plastic strip below the nest is to prevent Pine Martens raiding the box

LATVIA - Other wildlife

Loads of new butterflies and Dragonflies for me over in Latvia as well; I think I've got all the pictured ones correct but.......

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 

Heath Fritillary

Moorland Clouded Yellow

Black-veined White

Purple-edged Copper

Large Copper

Large Chequered Skipper

Large Wall Brown

Poplar Admiral

Large White-faced Darter


LATVIA - Black Terns

I've never seen Black Terns breeding before so it was a highlight of the trip to see the hundreds breeding and feeding over the fishponds in the windy conditions!