Wednesday, 26 November 2014


A few more pictures from Spurn taken over the last few days; there wasn't too much about with a few Blackbirds new in and a trickle of stuff still moving south.

Snow Buntings on the cliff-top by Clubley's

Little Egret on Beacon Ponds

Brent Geese on the Humber

The Brents included this birds with a prominent neck patch accentuated by him stretching his neck up - probably an old adult

Merlin along The Canal


This very late Redstart was on the beach at Kilnsea near The Riverside which, with its prominent whitish wing panel is a good candidate for the SE race P. p. samamisicus; it showed pretty well on Saturday just after I got up to Spurn but unfortunately had disappeared when we made a concerted effort to catch it on Monday.
It is pretty much identical to one we had on North Ronaldsay last November but identification of females of this race is very difficult although you would think that any Redstart which turns up this late in the year is from somewhere to the east.

This Stonechat was also there

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The first few days

Well, no surprise that I started off taking pictures around home in Wyke (as befits this blog's title!) but as is my nature I'm not sure how often Wyke will actually feature!
Blue Tit from my bedroom window

Long-tailed Tit up the lane

Kingfisher flashing across Chelmarsh Reservoir

Rook raiding the bird-table at Venus Pool

Where there was also a Great-spotted Woodpecker

and a Dunnock